On the corner of Duke Street, Newcastle, lies Portofinos an authentic Italian restaurant which offers a lot.
The rows of tables are all lit brightly by the big windows on every wall and the roof seems so far away, but when you tilt your head far enough it is beautiful to look at. The high arches and ceiling are both covered in tiles and gold moldings, making you feel like your dining in Italy itself.
We went about 7pm and it was pretty busy, plenty of customers and plenty of staff, most of which had nothing to do some of the time. Nevertheless they were very friendly, and we got to meet almost all of them.
The menu has a good selection of Italian classics as well as unusual delights such as Monza pizza which is topped with potatoes and blue cheese.
After scouring the menu for a while and jumping from decision to decision I ended up with sanguinaccio (black pudding on a warm crostini with a lightly peppered sauce) and Inferno pizza (pepperoni, garlic and chili) with chunky chips.
I was very happy with my starter, a rich peppery sauce cradling a soft piece of black pudding that certainly had a kick, sat on a crunchy piece of bread, that all worked well beautifully.
My pizza was good too, but a bit too spicy for my liking, I couldn’t handle it and left a quarter of it. But overall, the best way to describe it was a spicy garlic bread. The chips did me proud, I always expect the best chips from Italian restaurants, and they tick all the right boxes. Soft in the middle. Check. Crispy on the outside. Check. Very chunky. Check.
This meal along with two Cokes, my partners meal and a pleasant experience was about £30.
Would recommend this to anyone.