Driving on the A66 to Scotland I always spot a quirky looking place to eat called Llama Karma Kafe. If you have been that way you will definitely have seen it. I have been past a fair few times over the last few years and always wanted to go in, and try some Llama.
Yesterday, coming back from a great weekend at Scotland me and my boyfriends family decided to stop there to enjoy a Llama burger, well that is what we hoped, it doesn’t actually serve Llama, which is quite disappointing as it makes that impression.
Instead of the Llama’s appearing on the menu they were actually outside the cafe munching on hay, and you can watch them through the massive windows, which is quite nice and made me feel quite glad I wasn’t eating them.
However, the menu was great despite getting the wrong impression about the place. There was a large selection of hot and cold sandwiches, paninis and burgers.
I choose the hot pork, apple and gravy sandwich, and I was starving, so I couldn’t wait, but meanwhile had a large glass of coke while I waited, which wasn’t for too long.
The pork sandwich arrived on a small plate with the gravy overflowing and a side salad with coleslaw, which was a bit weird, gravy and salad to me doesn’t work at all, but I enjoyed it.
I, for the first time in my life, ate the sandwich with a knife and fork as there was too much gravy. However, that didn’t ruin the taste. The white bun was very soft, and spread with apple sauce, which I thought was more like jam, as there was only one piece of actual apple throughout. The pork was plentiful, cut quite thick, but not dry and not fatty either. The gravy topped it all off perfectly.
There was a great selection of ice creams to choose from as well but we didn’t get anything else as we wanted to get home as soon as possible.
But we did have time to have a quick look about before we left for our travels. The place is very interesting, loads of t-shirts, wind-chimes and teddy bears were for sale amongst many other things. The loo, one male one female, was very nice. A massive mirror on the wall with a marble base underneath and the sink built-in and flowers on the side, extremely clean too.
I would definitely go back next time I’m on that road and recommend stopping there.
For more information check out their website: http://www.llamakarmakafe.co.uk/