Blakes is a great little coffee shop nestled on Grey Street in Newcastle, but offers a lot more than just the bean.

It’s a cosy cafe, decorated from top to toe in dark wood, accompanied with friendly staff and excellent prices.
They offer many of your typical hot drinks and breakfasts, but not-so-typical sandwiches. Just see what I got, a Mexican bean melt, and my boyfriend, a melted brie sandwich with a chilli kick.

I did really enjoy my Mexican sandwich, soft mixed beans, tomato, crunchy red onion, strong cheese and lettuce encased in toasted tiger bread accompanied with salted crisps, all worked perfectly.

Of course I had to have a nibble of my boyfriends lunch, the melted brie that sprung down your chin was deliciously creamy and the kick of chilli heated my taste-buds in an instance, lovely.

These two sandwiches with a bottle of water came to just under £10, which I think you’ll agree, is great for a sit down lunch, definitely a treasure to Newcastle!