Valentines day, the day to celebrate being in love. Some couples choose to stay in and cook a meal, while others go out. We decided to do the latter.
Not having a lot of money we wanted to find a cheap deal, that didn’t hold back on taste, or choice. Da Mimmo’s offered just this.
We booked a table for 6pm, and were welcomed right away by the friendly barman, who took us to our seats. The place was quite small, with not much room between the tables, but it was very quiet at the time, so this wasn’t a problem.
The whole place screamed love, with hearts scattered around the room, and the table covered in fake rose petals, a red tablecloth and a sparkly centre piece. It really set a romantic tone.
The valentines meal deal was three courses for £15, which is great value.
There was a good choice of starters on the menu, and me and my partner both opted for a black pudding and crouton tower, served with black pepper sauce.
Our starters arrived, a red sauce with two crispy love heart shapes hiding something inside. This wasn’t our starters, so we shouted the waitress over, who informed us it was our free starter. A really lovely surprise.
It turned out that the surprise inside was a goats cheese delight, mixed with herbs. The sauce was a bit bland, but for a free starter we couldn’t complain.
Next, came our actual starter. My partner loved it, and I, well I didn’t hate it, the first few bites were enjoyable. The sauce had soaked through the crispy bread, and the black pudding was soft and strong in flavour. But eventually the sauce became sickly and too rich and then I discovered a rubbery, quite large bit of fat in my black pudding, which wasn’t appetising.
Soon after our mains arrived, I went for chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and herbs, wrapped in pancetta and served with a Napoli sauce and chunky chips.
My partner went for lamb shank, served with leek mash and a rosemary gravy.
They were both beautifully presented, and we couldn’t wait to dig in.
My chicken was soft, the filling was tangy, and goey, which I really enjoyed. The sauce was, again, a little bland, but the chicken made up for that. The chips passed the test, soft and fluffy in the middle and crunchy on the outside, they were the perfect side for this dish.
My partner’s lamb was cooked to perfection, you could have ate it with a spoon – it just fell off the bone, and melted in your mouth. The sauce worked great with it, it was strong in flavour, but didn’t over power the other elements of the dish.
By now the place was buzzing, with customers and staff, in total we counted that about seven different staff served us, which is probably why we ended up in the restaurant for and hour and half.
The dessert, which we waited a long time for, was worth the wait. I was tempted by the Tirasmu while my partner had chocolate fudge cake. It was cold, which disappointed him, but that didn’t stop him enjoying every rich, sweet bite.
The bill came with lollies and sweets, which was another nice surprise.
Overall we felt like we were treat well at Da Mimmo’s, and it had a great atmosphere. I will probably go back in the future as the normal menu looked great.

Here are some images from the night: