If you’re looking for a bit of spice in your life, or at least in your evening meal, then look no further than Cafe Spice.
Cafe Spice is not in fact a Cafe, but a small, cosy restaurant on Chillingham Road in Newcastle.
As you enter the door you are immediately standing in the dining area, and the friendly waiter takes you to your table. The place is quite small, about ten sets of tables scattered throughout, with gorgeous, modern lampshades that shimmer with blues and greens. And an unusual clock cog shaped with no hands. The rest of the place was crisp clean and plain.
We were given our menus, and the selection was massive, each curry described in detail to ensure you get exactly what kind of curry you want.
Me and my partner searched every inch of the menu to find the perfect spicy dishes, except the last page, which I came across and pleasantly discovered they had a set menu for £8.95 and decided we would go for that.
The onion bhaji starter was perfectly crispy with a hint of spice, served with a tangy sauce that cut right through the onions, served with a basic side salad.
The other starter, the chicken pakora, was like a spicy chicken nugget. A slice of chicken breast, marinated in a masala style sauce, encased in a battered shell. The first was lovely, the second one, good, but the other two became quiet sickly, but my partner finished them off easily.
For mains we shared a lamb tikka masala, chicken jalfrezi, garlic rice and a garlic nan.
We didn’t have to wait long for our food at each course, but still had enough time to relax, enjoy the music and discuss the days events. Even the couple next to use arguing quite hard didn’t spoil the enjoyable atmosphere.
Then the dishes came and our table was full. The lamb was full of flavour, a little tough, but still enjoyable. The deep red sauce that the lamb was swimming in at first tasted yoghurty, but as I worked my way through it a real spicy depth of flavour kicked in, and it was perfect.
The jalfrezi had a larger kick, a kick that really hit you hard, but it was scrumptious. The chicken was really soft, and the big pieces of onions were a great touch.
The garlic rice was a pungent of garlic, massive chunks of it were scattered throughout the soft rice. The onions were cooked till crispy, which brought an exciting texture to the dish.
The nan was cooked perfectly, soft and springy as you pulled pieces away from its body, and heavily flavoured with garlic. A great way to mop up the tasty juices.
The meal ended with two coffees. I am not a fan of coffee but it came with the deal. So I drowned it with brown sugar and cream and it was quite enjoyable.
The bill came to around £21, which included two Cokes, and an After Eight mint.
Overall, I would recommend this restaurant, they also do takeaways, so give it a go next time you fancy an Indian.