It isn’t hard to find a good deal in Newcastle when it comes to food. Many restaurants offer cheaper meals on certain dishes or have a set menu during their happy hour’s. Me and my partner found one close to our home and decided to give it a try. They offer any pizza of pasta for £4.95 between 5-7pm on a weekday.

We arrived at 6.45pm just in time for the deal and where immediately shown to our seats. It was really quiet inside, just a few couples spread out across the huge room. All the walls were plain, with a couple of photos of Italian cities scattered across the walls.

Sparking shandalias hung from the ceiling which created a brightness over the room and

We were handed menus over, which had a wide range of pizza and pastas, which was great for us as that is what we were going for, but the choice of everything else was pretty scarce, but there was a specials menu for a little more choice.

As we were aiming for a cheap meal we both opted for the cheapest starters, plain garlic bread for my partner and potato skins with barbecue sauce for myself.

For drinks I decided on a small coke and my partner, who was really thirsty went the larger option.

The place didn’t get much busier as we waited for meals, and the atmosphere didn’t feel very relaxing and I am glad the starters didn’t take long to arrive.

The garlic bread was massive and round, it was as large as the plate it laid on it. It was soft, and oozing with garlic flavour, but it only took one bit to realise that there was a really light coloured cheese on it, and we asked for plain, but my partner decided not to complain.

The potato skins sat on the plate with a tub of barbecue sauce looking pretty boring, it definitely needed a little side salad to bring it to life, but I was still impressed with the taste. They were crispy with a touch of soft potato inside. The sauce had a strong pepper flavour which was a great dip for the skins.

Next came our mains, served by the waitress who was very friendly but seemed very confused with everything she did. We both opted for pasta, and you could choose your own pasta. I went for tagliatelle in a tomato and bacon sauce with garlic and chilli and my partner was tempted by carbonara with penne pasta.

The portions were perfect in size. The sauce, which was sprinkled vigorously in parsley, was not pleasant at first because of the amount of parsley on it, it was all I could taste, and even the chilli couldn’t match it. But as I worked my way through the parsley taste wore off and the chilli started to shine. The bacon was soft and flavoursome and there was a pleasant hint of garlic. The pasta was cooked perfectly.

The carbnora was very creamy and rich but had a delicate flavour, the bacon, like my pasta was cooked perfectly and the whole was seasoned well.

Overall the meal was 5p short of £20, for two courses and a drink each it’s definitely a good deal. There were a few slips, but overall the food was decent, not sure if I will go back again though.