Located in Choppington, a small village just outside of Bedlington, lies The Swan. A hotel and restaurant which serves food created with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and we stopped for a hearty meal between errands, and The Swan is perfect for this.

We were immediately welcomed as we entered the door and sat at a table in the corner near the window.

The place is very homely, orange and burgundy wallpapers with a dark wooden panel  covered the walls. There was a spacious wooden bar in the middle of the room and bare brick posts, making it look very traditional and warm.

The place was bustling with locals, chatting between tables and with the staff, but we weren’t left feeling awkward amongst the residents.

The Sunday menu had a good choice of roasts including chicken and pork as well as other dishes such as fish and chips and penne pasta in a rich tomato sauce with melted cheese.

Me and my partner decided to get three courses starting with garlic bread for him and potato skins with barbeque sauce for myself. The garlic bread wasn’t a bung-in-the-oven-from-the-freezer starter, the bread was soft and fresh and the garlic was strong in taste. It was very greasy from the oil however, which coated even the bottom of the slices.

The potato skins were small, but crispy and dark in colour. The barbeque dip, slightly sweet with a kick of pepper, was the perfect dip for the skins.

Next came the mains, we both ordered Sunday roasts, his with beef, mine with lamb. Both of our meats were soft, and could be cut with our very blunt knifes. The lamb had a delicate flavour, brought to life by the mint sauce, which was liquidy in texture but packed a punch of minty flavour that made me go back for more.

The roast potatoes were cooked to perfection, the outside had a hard shell which when cracked open uncovered soft potato, which soaked up the beefy gravy.

The Yorkshire puddings were puffed up to perfection. Light, crispy with a soft centre great for sucking up even more gravy.

The selection of vegetables put in the middle of the table were simple, but just what the dish needed. Buttery cabbage, spongy mashed turnip and flawless carrots all gave the dish a colourful lift.

We were so impressed we also opted for a dessert each, even though we were pretty full.

Each dessert on the menu looked as indulgent as the last, but in the end I was intrigued by the caramel lumpy bumpy while my partner was excited to try his favourite, carrot cake with squirty cream.

The carrot cake was extremely rich, even though my partner finished it off with no complainants, it reminded me of Christmas cake, which I avoid every December.

My caramel lumpy bumpy was the opposite, it was very light, sweet with a slight caramel taste. The base was a soft sponge, the toppings were gooey and covered in chocolate shavings.

Along with a diet Coke and an orange and water the bill came to a decent £33.