I did a lot of research to ensure I created the perfect crackling, but I made the right choice. It was crunchy, but didn’t break teeth, it was salty and just full of flavour.

To create this perfect pork start by cutting 1cm slits in the fat, but don’t cut through the meat. Then dab with kitchen roll. This gets rid of any moisture, helping it dry out. Next, rub with a touch of olive oil, making sure you get into all the cracks, and sprinkle with a good dose of salt.

Then put your oven on it’s hottest temperature then whack the pork in for 20-30 minutes. This creates the crackling and seals the crunch. Then turn down your oven to 170 degrees to slowly roast the meat. My pork was about 800g in weight, and I let it cook for a further two hours. You will need to adjust the time to the size of your shoulder. Actually, how you cook it is up to you.

You could turn the heat down lower and cook for longer. It is the initial hit of high heat with creates that crackling.


How do you create the perfect crackling? Let me know. 🙂