I like to make a lot of last minute decisions when it comes to food. I start the week with my list in my hand and a day by day plan of what meals we are cooking and eating that week. By Wednesday I am already changing my mind and I will definitely be suggesting going out for a meal or ordering in by Friday.

Last Friday was no different, and we ended up at Gusto on the Quayside at 7pm, with a waitress finding us a table when it was very busy.

Luckily, she found us a table, a great table in fact. Up the spirally stairs we were sat at a rounded spacious table with a long leather seat.

It’s beautiful inside. Lights hanging from the ceiling brightened up the dark walls covered in many photographs, olive trees glittered with fairy lights brought some glamour to the restaurant and the large windows gave diners an iconic view of the millennium bridge.

The menu makes it very difficult to pick what to have, there’s the classics like spaghetti Bolognese, pepperoni pizza and a good choice of steaks. Then there’s some more different, exciting dishes such as pizza topped with things such as Peking duck and spring onions, or sprouting broccoli Gorgonzola and egg and whole lobsters, grilled with fries and your choice of sauce.

Struggling between two dishes I finally decided on the gnocchi, whilst my partner, very tempted by the burger, as usual, went for the saffron risotto, and we started with dough petals to share to start.

There were four dough petals on the plate, but they were a good size and a great way to start the meal. Soft doughy centres and a crispy salty coating dipped in garlic butter, there were more-ish and delicious.

Our seats gave us a good view of everyone else’s dishes arriving, and they all looked delicious and fresh, and I was just starting to get very envious, ours arrived looking just as nice.

The fluffy gnocchi with its perfect texture was coated in a tangy fresh pesto, bright green in colour and accompanied with peppery rocket and bright red cherry tomatoes that exploded with flavour in my mouth. The star of the dish was the slow cooked belly pork, soft and full of flavour it worked very well with the rest of the dish.

My partners risotto was just as good. The rice was cooked perfectly, fantastically bright in colour it had a milky taste with a very slight hint of bitterness from the saffron. The asparagus still had a bite and the crayfish had a beautiful freshness, giving a lightness to the rice.

Gusto also do a brilliant range of cocktails and cocktail classes with a few different packages to choose from.

But staying away from the cocktails that nights, along with two soft drinks our bill came to a very reasonable £27.95, not bad for a last minute decision.ImageImageImage