Last Monday we found ourselves at Redhouse located at the Quayside for pie, peas, mash and gravy. And that’s pretty much the be all and end all of the menu there. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Good pie, good mash, good peas and finished with good gravy. Not many people would say no to that.

Redhouse is a real ale pub with a great view of the Tyne bridge.
Inside it has character. It’s slightly dark in light and in furniture. Solid wood tables, bare brick walls, doors lob-sided and fitted into the walls. The chairs are a bit battered, the crockery is simple and the light bulbs are hanging in jars (but I secretly love that). Top that with a real log fire and you have the perfect setting for a good British classic. Served with proper ale.

The menu makes choosing fairly easy. A flowchart of pies, mash, peas and liquor to create your perfect dish. There are seven flavours, four ways to have your mash, three styles of peas and three liquors.


I went for the stout ale, mince and onion pie with creamy mash, minted peas and meat liquor. The other half chose quite similar but had the steak pie with his peas mushy.
We both opted for the Monday night deal as well. A pie meal with a drink. For him, a local ale and me a cider. £8.99 each.

We sat by the window. Normally I hate a window seat, people watching you eat as they go by, not enjoyable. But not many places boast the views they offer.

40 minutes later, the food hadn’t arrived, turns out there was a ticket problem in the kitchen and they didn’t get our order. But they handled it well. Free drinks (thank you) and a great apology, luckily we weren’t in a rush and I got to sample the cider I had my eye on the first time we visited the bar.
A bourbon and blueberry cider created by Blind Pig. It was the most unusual and flavoursome cider I’ve ever had. Unlike many other overally sweet flavoured ciders, this had a real depth of flavour. The bourbon was delicious but not over powering whilst the flavour of blueberry was undeniable. Beautiful.

Funnily enough it only took five minutes for the food to arrive. The portion didn’t look very big, but it sure fooled me and filled me up perfectly.
The mash was light, and as promised, creamy and soaked up the beefy, very delicious although slightly thin gravy. The peas were vibrant and fresh tasting, a hint of mint, but I wouldn’t of known it was in there if I wasn’t told beforehand.
The star of the show was the pie. Handmade by a butchers in Ambel, it had tasty well-cooked pastry that was crispy and not a soggy bottom in sight! The filling was the best part. The mince was soft, gristle free and perfectly seasoned, there was the hint of ale which I enjoyed, and plentiful! Overall everything what you want in a pie.

Desserts also looked tempting, especially the jam roly poly with custard. Next time maybe.
And there will be a next time, I want to try that sausage and apple pie.

Total cost for two with a drink each: £17.98

July 2015