It’s all so exciting at first. Seeing those two lines makes it all seem real. (Well sort of, sometimes I don’t believe a little person is growing inside me) Then boom!!! you’ve barely had time to get over the excitement of those two lines and everything really does start feeling real. Sorry ladies, the symptoms kick in fairly early and they suck!

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and slowly waving goodbye to those symptoms, I may even be starting to feel pretty good, but boy for me the first trimester wasn’t easy.

I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain and being ill or uncomfortable in anyway, I really can’t cope. And don’t get me wrong, I know I am damn lucky as some women get it much worse, some get it better, we are all different.

My symptoms started at about 6 weeks. They started with period-like cramps in the night, nothing I hadn’t felt before. But it was one night which really got me worrying. I woke with intense, stabbing-like cramps. I didn’t know what my body wanted to do so I ran to the bathroom and laid on the cold floor, head in the toilet, hoping being sick would help but nothing came. I started to head to bed but I couldn’t walk, I crawled up the stairs, shaking, my lips went blue and my skin went white, I was sweating but cold at the same time. Eventually it eased off, we contacted a midwife the next day who sent me to A&E. Few tests later, and a receptionist who made me feel a little worthless (sorry had to get that in there) I was sent home with the OK.

The next day I was told to go back in for a immediate scan as I had very high hormonal levels. Again, all was OK and we got to see a tiny heartbeat.

From there came weeks and weeks of sickness. I couldn’t handle it at first, but I learnt to ease it by snacking little and often. But I was still being sick, avoiding the bus as much as possible, so I wasn’t sick on there and laying down at every opportunity I could.

My symptoms got better around week 10 I could eat more and felt sick less; until it hit me hard in week 14. Everything I ate came back up, I became really dehydrated and took myself to hospital, but luckily I bounced back and now I feel pretty good.

Amongst the sickness there’s been other symptoms from being very itchy to bleeding gums. Oh isn’t it all fun? But you can read my next post things they don’t tell you for more on that.

So the good things? Hooray!! Yes, of course there is some. Announcing the pregnancy was an exciting part of the pregnancy. We told the closest members of the family straight away. We gave our parents cute little grandma and granddad frames. Watching their faces grow from confusion, to realisation to tears and smiles was incredible.

My best friend guessed over a group pub lunch, as soon as we were alone she asked are you pregnant? The lemonade drinking and picking at my food, made it obvious since she knows me so well as a cider-and-eat-every-crumb kind of girl.

We announced to everyone after the first scan. Stu told his mates “he can now start practising his dad jokes” amongst other one liners. For everyone else we posted this photo on Facebook.

However the best moment of the first trimester was seeing our little noodle for the first time. The scan was clear and Noodle waved before wriggling all over the place and back-flipping. It brought a tear to my eye.

Stay tuned for my week by week updates.

What symptoms did you feel in your first trimester? Please contact me below, I would love to hear from you.