Morning sickness. The first thing that pops into everyone’s head when you say you’re pregnant. Yes it’s bad, yes it sucks, but with it comes so much more. (Sorry!)

Morning/noon/night sickness

Since it is the most popular symptom let’s get it out the way. Lets say what we are all thinking – WHY DO  THEY CALL IN MORNING SICKNESS?! It can erupt any time of day, sometimes all day. And how bad is it? Well imagine one of those 12 hour bugs lingering for a good few weeks. Imagine not even being able to say the word beef without wanting to barf? Imagine living off Ritz crackers just so you can throw something up later should you need too? When you feel less sick seriously take those multivitamins, get them in you! It does ease, it does get better. That’s your silver lining right there!

Itchy skin

Legs, arms, boobs, back. Wherever there’s skin, there’s an itch to scratch, expect my belly actually.

Bleeding gums

Pink minty spit when brushing your teeth, it is a common symptom, but make the most of those free dental check ups.

Nose bleeds

Yes more blood.


Even the word strikes fear. I hate the damn word, although I’ve said it so many time it is now part of my daily vocabulary.

It has haunted me for weeks and weeks and I would put it up there with the worst. Everyday it feels like something is wedged in my throat, I cannot bring it up, it won’t go down, it won’t budge. It makes me gag, it is just horrific. The doctor has given me nasal spray, which has eased it slightly.


Headaches and backaches. Wasn’t expecting much back ache till I had more to show for my pregnancy, but this could just be due to being on my feet all day at work? Whatever the reason, my back aches.


Not your usual tiredness where you can shrug if off, maybe have a nap and feel great, or just a cuppa will do. Pregnancy tiredness is basically – tired no matter what! I say enjoy the excuse to lie in bed longer. Your energy burst will come eventually. I’m still waiting for mine!