It is nearly the end of the 15th week and I am not sure how I am feeling. If you asked me at the beginning of the week I would have said I feel pretty great. But as the week has gone by I am feeling urgh. Yes, urgh is the best way to describe it. Tired, murky and my mucus-y (ew) throat is just annoying me. The throat thing was improving but now it is creeping back. However, I am off next week and I am not going to let it bother me too much.

Today I tried to go maternity shopping, but that was challenging. Not many of the clothes shops have maternity sections, not even Primark! Four floors and I couldn’t find a maternity section! HnM was the best, but all the clothes are a little boring. However, I got some nice skinny light blue jeans that are very comfy. I couldn’t find maternity bras anywhere, I feel let down!

How big is the baby?

The Ovia Pregnancy app says my little noodle is the size of an avocado. The bump is feeling more like a bump, some days it is bigger, some it feels a lot smaller. But it’s there.


Tiredness is the main symptom that I am feeling this week. I fall asleep about 9pm, so I am up early and feeling drained half way through the day. I just really love sleeping at the minute. No sickness – but my tummy feels sluggish and the mucus throat doesn’t help.


Since the start I haven’t had any major urges. Noodles weren’t really a craving, more like the only thing I could eat. I really loved Fanta for a while, although I tried not to drink too much. At the minute I enjoy anything sweet. Pop, Haribo etc.


Quite grumpy some days, probably due to tiredness, but over all quite okay. I cry easily, but I always have!

Bought Stu this from eBay. I know the little one won’t need it right away, but I really want to get him something with daddy on!

Anything else I can add to the weekly update please let me know.