Well most of this week has been pretty damn good. Me and Stu went to the Scottish borders and stayed in a roulotte for two days. It was peaceful and just so lovely to get away – just us three. Noodle was no trouble, he/she seemed to enjoy the peace as well 🙂 Stu had three barbecues whilst we where there! but I really enjoyed the sausages!

Then on Wednesday we went to the Trafford Centre and bought a few baby things.

We decided that we will buy things a little at a time over the next few months. But we didn’t want to buy too much as we are moving house in hopefully 3/4 weeks. To be honest every time we go into the shops like Mothercare we feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there is and how much we need. But we decided right, lets do this.

We got these adorable baby vests from Next. They were £11 for the three and have cute little duckies on.

We also bought a pack of six bodysuits with long sleeves from H&M. I love the owl the best, but all the animals are cute, even the raccoon! Which I thought was a weird choice.£14.99.

In Mothercare we got a bath set in cream. It includes a bath, a top ‘n’ tail bowl, a cuddle ‘n’dry towel, sponge and bath thermometer all for £29.99. I was happy with the thermometer as I will be worried that I will make the bath two hot for noodle in the future. It lets you know when it is at the best temperature.

The last thing we got was a Philips Avent complete natural starter set, which was on sale at £75.00. It comes with an electric steriliser, 1 manual breast pump, 6 bottles in different sizes, 3 soothers, 2 natural teats and a bottle brush. I was very pleased with this purchase, getting everything that we need in one pack. Although the manual breast pump is going to take some practise, it seems to simple to really suck the milk out? I am probably being too novice.

Towards the end of the week I was very unwell again. I couldn’t keep any food or water down, I must have been sick about 25 times in one day. It wasn’t regular sick, more like my body would heave till something, anything came out. It was very painful. I feel better now but I am worried it will happen again as this is the second time it has happened within 3 weeks. Just when I thought the second trimester was pretty good!

How big is the baby?

The Ovia app says at 16 weeks noodle was the size of a dill pickle. My Glow app says that it is around 4.6 inches. My bump really popped during 16 weeks.

Looking quite goofy!
Sat down view!

Bump is smaller now, I put that down to the sickness.


Other than tiredness, a little moodiness and the sickness there isn’t much else to report. Oh, except bigger boobs, they are three cup sizes bigger, they feel bigger but not that much bigger!


Nothing really I managed to eat quite a lot during the week. Which was very very nice.

What did you feel in 16 weeks? Please share, I’d love to know!