I am currently half way through week 18 and have decided to put week 17 and 18 in one post as not much has developed over these two weeks.


So week 17 started off with me continuing to be sick from the last whack of sickness, which I talked about in week 16. Then I started to feel better, then worse again, then ta-da! I felt good again. Thursday was the most exciting day that week as I went to see my lovely midwife. Although not much happened in the appointment, she took my blood pressure and felt my tummy, I did get to have a good listen to the baby.

She warned me that I might not hear anything right away, but boom! the second she put the dongle on my tummy the noise was loud and fast, a very happy baby in there!

Week 18 has been a normal week, sleeping has been a problem, but feeling well and eating quite a lot! Just feeling stress from moving house, we should be moving in less than two weeks but there’s still so many things going on with solicitors, when will this end?!

How big is the baby?

At week 18 Noodle is the size of a sweet potato – that seems quite big! 5.6inches, so he/she has grown an inch! Feeling a few butterflies, but still no kicks. I have never wanted to be kicked more in my life!

I went shopping with my mother and here is a picture of me about to unsuccessfully try on long shirts in bigger sizes. When I looked in that full size mirror I was like woah big belly!


Hunger! My pre-pregnancy appetite is back. I can eat pretty much anything (still not mince and I don’t like pizza anymore) and I can eat a fair bit. I am not sleeping well, I wake up during night after more crazy vivid dreams – we’re talking Stu hiding a monkey in the attic and stealing two Porsche cars. Then I can’t get back to sleep. Is this my body preparing my for motherhood?!


Fried chicken. Spicy chicken wings more precisely from a certain chain restaurant. It was 10 years together last Friday (with Stu not the Colonel!), he didn’t get back till 7pm and I was having one of those days where I just couldn’t find an ounce of energy, so we decide on a bucket of chicken, yes so romantic I know! From then on I just want to eat spicy chicken wings! and Maoms sweets. But I am resisting to eat a healthier diet for the little one.

What are your craziest cravings? Let me know!