I really can’t believe another two weeks have past and I am now half way through my pregnancy! It has been quite an enjoyable two weeks and I am really loving my pregnancy at the moment.


So week 19 was pretty fun as the baby really started going to town with the movements. Almost every time I am sat or laid down I feel some sort of movement, they feel like pops inside and sometimes my stomach moves, which is so exciting. Stu loves to feel them too, although Noodle does tend to stop once Daddy’s hands are on my stomach – already being cheeky!

Week 20 was the scan week, probably one of the most exciting times in any woman’s pregnancy, and that wasn’t any different for me. We have been dying to know what gender we were having from the start so I was eager for this scan. Plus being able to see Noodle again – amazing!

Me and Stu had a nice and early appointment and we were seen by two nurses, one a trainee who did the scan. We seen everything, Noodle’s little arm, heart and nose all which we recognised. The rest such as the kidneys and brain we couldn’t make out ourselves but were told everything was normal and that it was, well, a boy.

Yes we are having a little boy! We are so happy and excited and have already bought some cute little jumpers and shirts for him.

I was also told that I have a low-lying placenta, and need to go back in 12 weeks for another scan. I am not worried about that at the moment as it could change in 12 weeks. The low-lying placenta can cause heavy bleeding and if it remains low it can cause problems giving birth and sometimes a caesarean section is needed. But there is only a 10% chance it will remain low at this stage.

Anyone else had a low-lying placenta? What happened with yours?

Baby grin!

How big is he?

I love that I can now say he. He, at 20 weeks, is the size of a Belgian Endive. Yes, that vegetable we all know and the love! The picture is a type of lettuce, but he is also the size of a banana, which is easier to imagine. The nurse said he is about 12oz.

My bump is around the same size, hoping for some more growth within next few weeks.


I have had a lot of backache, I think mainly due to being on my feet all day at work. I don’t feel the pain usually till I lay down unless it is quite severe, then I feel it throughout the day. I also think it is due to the weight I’ve gained on my breasts and stomach on my small frame that is taking it’s toll.

I have been eating great as well. I can eat pretty much anything now. I was sick one day in week 19, I throw up everything I had ate that day all at once and was fine after that.

I have also had a horrific cough which I can’t tame, and now hayfever season is upon us I am worried at how bad that will get along with the other awful symptoms hayfever brings, especially since I can’t take what I would normally take. My body feels quite run down with the cough and have developed a cold-sore. I am prone to them but again can’t take same medication as I would normally take.

But on the plus side I don’t feel sick and that is all I wanted!

Gender reveal

Well our original gender reveal ideas didn’t all go to plan. First we were going to have a party with the whole family and cut into a cake, but we couldn’t get everyone together all at once. Then we decided to pop balloons and the confetti inside would reveal, but that went down the pan too.

In the end we gathered my family at dad’s house with blue balloons, sadly wrapped in a black bag and not hiding in a lovely box, but they were still pleased with the news.

For Stu’s family we gathered for a meal and some of his Scottish family came down, making it even more special, and we gave each of them two envelopes. Inside the envelopes were letters and together they had to work out the name of the baby, therefore they would figure out the gender.

On social media we posted this picture:

He is definitely going to be a mini Stu with shirts like that!

What are your gender reveal and 20 week pregnancy experiences? Let me know!