Wow! It has been so long since I posted an update, six weeks infact! We have finally moved home and have only just managed to get internet access, which is why I’ve been so quiet.

So, a lot has happened over the past six weeks, a lot of growing and a lot of kicks, I hope I can remember everything!


Since the last time we met my bump has really ballooned! I have started getting comments from strangers. I’ve had one lady telling me what star sign he’ll be and therefore what type of person he will be! Then I had someone say, “oh, who ate all the doughnuts?” (I work in a doughnut shop) before (thankfully!) asking when I was due.

We saw the midwife last week, all went well, baby is a good big size, and is happy in there! I didn’t doubt he wasn’t happy as his movements are strong, once I am sat or laid that’s it, he is moving and grooving all over in there! Sometimes it is uncomfortable but most of the time it is just really nice to feel him!

We also have bought our travel system which I love. It was very difficult for me and Stu to put up, probably not as difficult as it should have been! But it transforms into a push chair and came with a car seat! It has a lovely neutral giraffe pattern, leatherette handles which adjust easily, proper tyres which can handle rough terrains and it folds away easily! It was only £300 (on offer at the time) from Mothercare, a real bargain. Click here to check it out on the Mothercare website, there is a video on there too which is very useful!

They also start the free 2 year guarantee from the day you are due, which I think is a great touch.

We also bought a 2 in 1 rocker and bouncer from Mothercare for £40, with an Owl pattern. I love animal patterns!

It bounces but also vibrates at three different settings to soothe the baby. It was easy to assemble and I am hoping it will be like Sex and the City when Miranda discovers the lullaby chair!

We have also started decorating the nursery. We choose an animal print (surprise surprise) wallpaper which my lovely dad put up perfectly.

We are going to paint the walls green, and have ordered some cream and brown furniture which arrives next week.

How big is he?

He, at 26 weeks, is the size of a butternut squash and weighs about 2 Ibs.

Like I said earlier my bump has really ballooned!


I still continue to have back pain although it has eased, which is possibly because my body is getting used to the extra weight. Instead I now have sore, sometimes swollen legs and feet and soreness around the stomach area. My hayfever is starting to kick in but isn’t that strong yet. I am dreading when it does though as I get it really bad and I can’t take what I normally would.

My hunger is raging, I am always hungry, if I don’t eat I feel sick, so I can’t just ignore the hunger at all! I have also been sick a few times, every time it starts on the bus then I need to run off to be sick, sadly wherever I can. I have made it to a toilet every time except once where it happened in the street!

Not so much a symptom, well I suppose it is linked, is having moments of feeling down and worried and wishing for my old life back just for one day! That isn’t because I don’t want this, I do! More than anything but pregnancy is tough it is tiring and people, even people close to you, treat you differently. Although most of the time it is great as they are looking out for you, sometimes they say/do things that make you feel unwanted. I believe just because I am growing a little person inside me doesn’t mean I am a different person! Anyone else felt this? Would love to chat about it!

We are having a baby shower/house warming next week so I am looking forward to getting all our family and friends together to celebrate our little family. I will be going over the top with food and decorations! We are also going to London before then to visit Harry Potter tour for our first wedding anniversary!

Please leave some lovely comments about your pregnancy would love to chat!