When it comes to eating out, breakfast has definitely become my favourite meal of the day. And with a rare weekend off with the husband, we decided to venture into Newcastle for a lovely Saturday morning treat.

We decided to try the Quilliam Brothers tea house, killing two birds with one stone as I really enjoy a good cup of tea. I usually drink everyday breakfast teas or green tea at home, so I was very excited to try something different.

We were seated at a table near the window which was lovely, with the sun shining we could people watch and enjoy the views of a part of Newcastle we don’t visit very often.

The tea room, created by the Wylam-born Quilliam Brothers, is located at 1 Eldon Place, Claremont buildings, just up the road from the Hancock museum, and has been since 2013.

The place itself is casual, with a slight quirkyness. Everything is wooden; the floor, the staircase and the bar area. They have rows of biscuit-like tins on the wall at the bar, each filled with a different tea I assume, interesting posters dot the walls and there’s cute little flowers on each table.

We were given Saturday morning breakfast and tea menus and were both amazed at the choice of teas. From black to green and everything in between there is something for everyone. You can get coffee too, but I would urge anyone to at least try one of the teas.

I chose an amaretto black tea infused with cherries and almond which was amazing. It arrived in a tea-pot with a cute cup n saucer, milk and honey and had an intense smell of Battenberg cake. The taste wasn’t as intense but was delicious and delicate, sweet and nutty it was definitely one of the tastiest teas I’ve tried.

Stu went for the Nutty but Nice flavoured tea which when mixed with milk and honey, as recommended by the waiter, had a slight nutty chocolate taste which went down a treat.


For food I decided to try out the Huevos Rancheros and Stu went for Eggs Florentine.

I wasn’t at all disappointed with my Mexican eggs when they arrived. Bright red tomatoes, sweet and full of flavour mixed with chunks of spicy chorizo and potatoes with an egg baked in the middle cooked perfectly, just slightly runny, and sprinkled with chives. Served with slices of buttered brown bread to mop up the delicious flavors of the slightly spicy tomato sauce. A delight.


Stu’s Florentine looked just as delicious. Two well-poached duck eggs seasoned with black pepper, a good bundle of fresh spinach, thick hollandaise sauce all sitting on a custom stottie, which was slightly toasted but still soft.


We polished off our teas and the lovely local honey and went up to the bar to pay where we were faced with loads of delicious looking cakes and brownies, imagining them with a pot flavoured tea is what will bring us both back again.

Check out their website for more info: http://www.quilliambrothers.com/index.php