As I sit uncomfortably at the desktop computer trying to write this blog post I am starting to wonder when you guys will get to read this. Because, boy I am uncomfortable, all the time, and I don’t know how long I can last.

Okay, so it has been a long while since I last posted but here it is week 33 and everything I can remember running up to this date.


So I am, in my opinion, quite massive at the moment, if I get much bigger I will most likely topple over! Some people agree, I think it depends on what I wear, I looked quite small wearing the floaty dress at the weekend, but look slightly-whale like in my work uniform. Either way I can definitely feel the extra stone and however many pounds (I’ve lost track) that I have put on.

I went for my week 32 scan and my placenta has moved so it is no longer restricting baby from getting out, so that’s great news. He is pretty much the right weight that he should be for this time, just very slightly under average which is a relief as I went to see the midwife the week before and according to the cross she dotted on my growth chart, he was pretty massive!

He is also moving a hell of a lot, which I love, except when he kicks my uterus and I get sharp pains in not nice places! When we went to see the midwife last she couldn’t keep up with him. First she thought he was head down, but when she couldn’t hear his heartbeat, she had another feel and found him in the breach position but still couldn’t get a clear sound of the heartbeat until she literally held him down the best she could! The little tinker!

The nursery is now fully complete and we also have everything we believe we need for his arrival, including another fire alarm and carbon monoxide alarm which we purchased yesterday and a massive and I mean massive box of goodies that our closest friends got together and bought for us, pretty incredible of them!

boy press
Me surrounded by our goodies!

How big is he?

He weighs over 4 pounds according to the scan. My app says he is as big as a cauliflower blossom and his hand is nearly full size.


The last time I measured my stomach it was 40 inches around. I weigh about 11 stone but weighed at least 3 pounds more last week, so I have lost weight somehow!

However, I had to go and buy yet more clothes as I don’t have many that fit, even my maternity clothes are getting tight! I did mange to get maternity shorts from H n M though! If only I could wear them for work…AKA hottest place in the world!

Sorry even my PJ’s don’t fit, but they are comfy!



The main problem at the moment is… actually I can’t choose! Let’s start with hayfever, I am just fed up of it, it has improved in the last few weeks, and with the help of this salt water spray I am using called Sterimar, I feel a bit better but it has been going on so long now I just feel like I can’t cope anymore with it.

Then there’s something I guess every pregnant woman at some point suffers with badly, is not being able to get comfortable, like ever! Even lying down is hard, meh and the heat doesn’t help haha! It’ll all be worth it! Speaking of uncomfortable I am starting to get swollen feet, but I am on my feet a lot, they aren’t massive they just hurt and get a little chubby. My back hurts a lot too.

I’ve also started to developing little migraines within the past few days, not sure if it is because I am off balance or the heat, but I will speak to a doctor if it keeps up.

I also can’t sleep without needing to get up to pee about three times a night, then I can’t get comfy again, bla bla bla! It’ll all be worth it!

Then there’s the dreams, if I am not being fired or being hurt my the ones who love me, I am going into labour at work!

Like I say it’ll all be worth it, I am going to stop moaning about what hurts now! But I do have one more symptom type-thing. FEAR! My god I am so scared of the near future, giving birth, the pain, the first few weeks, months, years of being  a mother. I am sure I have said all this before, but I am a big worrier and this what others me the most! Any advice anyone?

Please leave some lovely comments, we are all in this together right?!!

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