So it’s date night! AKA lets eat in as many nice places before the baby comes! And last Friday night we decided to visit Bealim House located at Gallowgate, near China Town.

From first glance Bealim House has the same decor as most restaurants in Newcastle. Wooden floors, exposed pipes, chunky light bulbs but they’ve done it really well here. It seems they have really took their time designing this one. It’s inviting, spacious and comfy.

As well as a restaurant Bealim House is popular for its drink, mainly gin. Sadly due to being pregnant and all that I couldn’t sample this but was very impressed by the eight foot tall gin still where they make their own Newcastle Gin.

We had a table booked at 7.30 and we were led upstairs where others were dining. The room continued the theme; spacious, metal chairs and bare brick walls. It was also fairly cold up there, refreshing on the rare hot, sticky day we were having in Newcastle.

The menu offers many different ways of dining. There is a lunch menu, offering all types of sandwiches and salads. Then there is a ‘Eat Leisurely’ menu which is a selection of main meals such as Seared Sea Bream and Handcrafted burgers, the ‘Eat Social’ menu which leans towards more sharing dishes such as sliders and meat platters, and the brunch menu, available all day. But we opted for the ‘Eat Small’ menu, tapas style food made for sharing and a chance to sample all the delicious sounding dishes.

In total we ordered seven dishes as well as a coke for me and a beer for him.

The food arrived really quickly which didn’t surprise us too much as they seem really organised with the waitresses all wearing ear pieces.

First we sampled the Mini Chorizos in Newcastle Gin and they were delicious. Bite size chorizo sausages with thick skins which burst with flavour when biting into them. Cooked in a sweet sauce that took on the slightly spicy fat from the chorizo, served with small slices of bread to mop up the juices.


Next, was my favourite out the lot, Spicy Chicken Tejan. Soft chicken lightly battered and served in a delicious sweet sticky sauce that packed a kick towards the end, lovely. Another sauce mopper!


We also shared a Black Pudding and Chorizo scotch egg and it was a big shame we to had to share! It was up there with the best scotch eggs I’ve ever had. The egg was cooked perfectly inside and the mix of chorizo and black pudding was soft and full of flavour, not too spicy from the chorizo just warming, all encased in a thin crispy shell.


Next we had some of the Beer Battered Fish Goujons. Light tasty batter and fresh bright white fish. It was just how it should be. Dipped in the vinegary sauce it was a delight.


We also had Skin on Chips, which were cooked very well and Hummus with veg sticks, which were fresh, quite tasty but overpowering on the garlic for us, you could taste the rawness of the garlic which was too intense after a few bites.

There was also Nachos topped with shredded spicy chicken, salsa and cheese. The other half really enjoyed these and polished his half and most of mine off. I didn’t enjoy them as much, the melted cheese was thick and the chicken I believe had a lot of coriander or something similar that didn’t match my tastes, but was well cooked as it was really soft.


In total we spent £35.30 a bargain for seven decent size dishes and two drinks on a Friday night. Hopefully next time I can try some of that gin!

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