It is almost upon us again, the thing that excites many people of the Toon. Newcastle Restaurant Week! It started off, back in the day, with a handful of restaurants participating and the offer seemed to be simple. Now with around 90 restaurants giving it a go it can be hard to know who offers the best value for money!

I have picked a number of the restaurants, a lot which I do like myself, and some I haven’t tried, and did a little bit of research to whether I think they are a good offer. This is just my opinion only, please let me know what you think too and I hope that this gives some people a better idea of where to eat.


2 courses for £15 (or add dessert for £20)

I have never been to this restaurant but it was first opened in 1988 by Terry Laybourne and still exists now. In the past it has won a  Michelin Star and although has changed location from where it originally stood, this one seems to be a good one to enjoy fresh and seasonal food. Their early evening menu (Monday to Saturday 5.30-7pm) which offers two courses for £19 and £22.50 for three proves you’re already making a good saving by choosing to go during restaurant week. If you where to eat a la carte then you’re looking to pay around £19 for a main course alone. So I say this is very good value although the offer is not available Saturday evening or Sunday.

As You Like It

2 courses for £10 or 3 for £15

Only available Monday – Thursday, Friday lunch time and Sunday after 5pm, this offer can be really good if you go at the right time. With starters such as Chargrilled Goats Cheese (normally £6.50) and mains like Seabass Noodle Salad (£14.95) you could save yourself around £11. However order the rib-eye then expect to pay an extra £8, still saving about £3 on what you would usually pay, but the saving is not as impressive.


2 for courses for £15 (or just the two for £12.50)

This Japanese restaurant has used their Kuikku Menu which seems to be available at all times, although I can’t guarantee, and made it slightly cheaper for restaurant week. Usually two courses for £12.95 or three for £16.95 you are saving £1.95 at the most. A saving is a saving, but maybe save this one for another time if you are deciding between this and a different restaurant.


2 courses for £15 (3 for £19)

They have tempting things on this menu and this Italian restaurant has avoided just whacking soup/potato skins followed by pasta/pizza for their offer which is nice to see. However their Rapido menu (available Sunday-Thursday 12-10.30pm, Friday 12-7pm and Saturday 12-5pm) has a better offer which is 2 for £12.95 or 3 for £15.95. The menu’s aren’t the same though, items such as Mackerel Goujons to start and Grilled Swordfish for main are not on Rapido Menu but are on Restaurant week one, but Crispy duck, normally £4 extra, is on both. Not the best offer money wise.


2 courses for £10 or 3 for £15

Although only available Monday – Friday, this does save you money. The menu is totally different to the every day menu at Barluga, with starters costing around £7 and mains about £12 you could save a good amount of money.

Bealim House

2 for £10 or 3 for £15

After eating here recently I would recommend this one based on the food. The offer is good value too. Because of the layout of their menus there is no definite menu to compare it too. But a main course itself costs around £10/£11 so your saving money before you have picked a starter. Puddings are around £4.25. We got seven small plates and two drinks for around £35 on a normal Friday night. So with the main courses obviously being bigger you could save yourself in total a couple of quid. Not available on Sunday.

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Any three meats and a side or salad for £10.

This seems to be a really good offer looking at their usual menu. The choices of meat are Pulled Pork, Hot Link Sausage, Wings ‘N’ Things, Glenarm Brisket, Rack ‘O’ Ribs or St Louis Ribs. The Hot Link Sausage is usually £8 itself, and the Glenarm Brisket is normally a whopping £14 so being able to choose three of those meats and then adding a £3 side you could save what, £26? I am assuming the portions are a bit smaller to make up for the offer but either way it seems like a brilliant deal!


2 for £10 or 3 for £15

Being one of Newcastle’s finest restaurants, in my opinion, I would recommend eating here anyway. They have set menu (12-2.30pm Monday-Saturday and 5.30-7pm) offering one course for £12, two for £15 and three for £18. So if you go at the right time you could save a fair amount of money getting three courses for £15 instead of £18. All the food on the restaurant week menu is on the set menu, but book fast as this one is very popular and from past experience is hard to book in restaurant week!

Broad Chare

2 for £10 or 3 for £15

Another big favourite of mine and many others and a good chance to save a good amount of money, again if you go at the right time. It is a shame that it is only available Monday-Friday lunchtime as so many people miss out if they work during the week. Starters usually cost £5.50-£7.20 and mains cost up to £20 so a fab offer. Again, book early, even if it is only available during the day that doesn’t mean it won’t book up fast! The Black Pudding Hash sounds too good to miss!

Burger Stop

2 burgers and 2 fries for £15.

Burger joints are taking over Newcastle, and although I still haven’t found a burger to beat the Fat Hippo Underground I haven’t gave this one a go. I can’t get onto their website but their Facebook page does offer the same deal between 12-7pm, so you could just go another time if you didn’t fancy it next week. Or maybe even for breakfast, from the photos they look pretty good too!


3 for courses for £15

Although not a local restaurant, in fact it is a chain restaurant, it is something Brazilian and there isn’t much like it around, so if you fancy something like this then you could save a good amount of money here. If you got the Sweet Potato Hummus for starter (usually £4.95), Pork Tenderloin for main (£12.96) and then Frozen Yogurt for dessert (£4.25) you are looking to save around £7. Not bad at all. They are also extending their 2 for 1 on cocktails till 8pm for that week only. Offer only available all day Sunday-Thursday and 12-6pm Friday and Saturday.

Caffe Vivo

2 courses for £10 3 for £15

Another Italian restaurant offering more than just pizza and pasta in their offer, although you can get those if you want. Their fixed price menu, which does offer different items, is usually 2 for £16.50 or three for £19.50 so you are saving a lot there. If you where to order from a la carte menu then you would be paying £14 for risotto with seabass, but you can get a risotto with mussels in the restaurant week menu so it is worth thinking about going here.

Canteen and Cocktails

Tasting platter for £10 or two courses for £15.

I went here recently for a Sunday dinner. It was pretty good. The tasting platter doesn’t reveal too much except that it is just snippets from the menu, so if you want to go for a cocktail and some nibbles this could be a good offer. The two courses for £15 doesn’t really save you much money though. Depending what you get it will cost you the same amount if you ordered a starter or a main any day of the week.

City Tavern

2 courses for £10 or 3 for £15

Went here a long time ago and the food was good. Worth a trip. Restaurant Week menu sounds tasty too – Duck Croquettes mmm. They also have some vegan options here. Other restaurants might too, but this is the one first I’ve noticed. Their main courses range from £7.95 up to £10.95 and desserts around £5.95. So you could save a few bob if you like the look of the menu.

Coop Chicken House.

£10 for half a chicken or 20 wings with two sides and sauce

This is one place I want to try but haven’t yet. If you visit in the evening then you’re getting a good offer as half a chicken or 20 wings normally cost £9 and two sides will set you back and extra £6, saving you a fiver – not bad! However, go at lunch time (Monday – Friday 12-5pm) there is no offer to be had as it is the same price anyway.

Dat Bar

Any two burgers and fries for £15 or 2 pizzas for £10

Two burgers would normally set you back £16/£18 and two pizzas usually £16/£20. Some of the pizzas sound interesting, save a few quid and give it a go.


2 courses and a naan or rice for £15

One of my favourites and, in my opinion, the best Indians in Newcastle, so worth a try if it’s proper Indian food you’re after.You only end up saving about £3/£4 but if you really want to give this place a go, why not save a few quid in the process. But you could have the full menu at your fingertips for a few extra quid if you went a different time.

Fat Hippo Underground

2 courses for £10

My go-to burger place, especially on a lunch time where you can get a burger and fries for £6 Monday to Friday 12-3pm. However, the offer they have running is also good value as you can throw a starter or dessert in there too and pay only £10, and the burgers, which cost around £9 when not on offer, are so good, so give it a try!


2 for £10 or 3 for £15

I like the look of this place. I only discovered them a few weeks ago and have yet to try. They pride themselves on using local produce and the menu sounds tasty. The offer they have on seems to be a mix of new items and items from their small eats section. Depending on what you get you could save a few pound. The Popcorn Cajun Rabbit is usually £7 and Mac N Cheese Bon Bon’s are £6 and both sound amazing! The set menu is two courses for £16 and three for £20 which is a full meal rather than a small eat, but I’d give it a go.

Lane 7.

3 courses for £10

I went here last weekend with my work friends taking advantage of their £27 Summer Saver offer. That was two courses, two drinks, bowling, ping-pong and pool for £27 quite a good offer if you want to make a night of it. Three courses for £10 is also a pretty amazing offer too. The food was quite nice, although the chicken wings and sweet potato fries where delicious I found my sandwich boring and dry, but there was good reception from the others with the burgers. You find yourself saving £10 though so it’s worth a try yourself. Only available Monday – Thursday and up till 4pm on Friday.

Pleased To Meet You

2 courses for £10 or 3 for £15

Although I had one too many cocktails last time I was here, I did enjoy the food. They have a lunch menu offer which is two courses for £10.95 or three for £12.95 Monday – Friday 12-6pm although items are different you still get same quality food so it is something to think about. Good offer if you’re wanting to go in the evening as you’re normally looking at £6.95 for a starter and around £15 for a main so you will save some money. Which you could spend on a cocktail instead – they are good!


4 courses for £15

Looking straight away you are saving money, although they have no website to confirm the offer that states any starter up to £5 and any main up to £11, so depending what you get, alongside the rice or naan and dessert, also in the offer, you could find yourself saving some money here. Not really four courses for £15, but still good.


2 courses for £10

If you want something more casual, like a proper British pie and peas meal then go for Redhouse. The pies are pretty impressive, made by a local butcher in Amble, served with peas, mash and gravy (normally £7.95) with a dessert as well for only an extra £2 I would say this is worth it. Have a pint too while your there!

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The Earl of Pitt Street

2 courses for £15

I’ve had an impressive Sunday dinner here before and would recommend. Their food is Asian style and sounds pretty delicious. The menus differ but starters cost anywhere between £4.95 – £10.95 and although the two seabass dishes differ the seabass main would normally cost £14.95, so they have a good offer here, the food is of high quality so worth a go.

The Forth

3 courses for £10

Three courses for £10 always sounds like great value. Some of the things that the Forth are offering make this offer a bargain if they live up to their taste. Looks pretty good on the website and this is one I would give a go. Usually starters such as Scotch Eggs, which I’m a big fan of at the best of times, and Pea, Feta and Mint Arancini Balls come in around £4 and the mains are around £9 each, and with desserts normally costing about £5 you could save a good amount of money here for a pretty decent meal.

Herb Garden

Pizza and Prosseco £10

Any offer than includes a drink is a good one. Pizzas here normally cost around £10 so if you just want a light meal this is a fair offer.