So with five weeks to go till the big arrival (possibly) I am finally on maternity leave, and boy, it has certainly came at the right time!


I was unsure whether I was starting my maternity leave too early, and that I should have maybe left it another week or two so I could have extra time with my little boy. But my body is definitely telling me I have picked the right time.

Without going into too much detail in this section, as I will talk about it in my symptoms section, but everything is suddenly so much harder and it is effecting my day-to-day life, even just three days into my maternity.

But now I am at home all the time I can really get the house ready for his arrival. All his clothes are now washed, ironed and organised. I cannot wait to see him in everything! The nursery is ready, the house has everything it needs I think, and the hospital bag is packed and in the car along with the car seat. It is now just a waiting game.

Not being at work, hasn’t clicked in yet, having nine months off is insane. I will miss work as I work with a lovely bunch of people who have looked after me the whole time, and wished me the best of luck with lovely comments and presents, but I can’t wait to start a new adventure with my husband and the little one. It is so close, it is exciting but I think I am ready for it all, although I keep telling myself I am not sure that I am!

How big is he?

When I went to see the midwife last week she said he was a good normal size. My app says he is about the size of a bunch of carrots which is a hard comparison against a baby, but his hand is so close to being full size. The last time I blogged I said I had lost weight but I have put an extra pound on so I am around 11 stone 1 at the moment.


week 35
Week 35 bump


So I said earlier that maternity had came at the right time and here is why. My body has just took a big turn and everything is so much harder and I am struggling to cope. It is making me a bit sad as I want to enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy and some me time before he arrives. I don’t want to be a big whinge but I can’t help it my body is making me say these things! So, where to start? Well something that has creeped up on me is pain in my pelvic area which often creeps down my legs, and around my bottom. It can be so intense at times. Yesterday walking to the bus from doing a bit of shopping I found the pain so strong I had to stop in my tracks, I am walking really slow to ease the pain as well. Although my midwife tells me not to Google things I did Google this and I do believe it is SPD which is quite common in pregnancy at this stage. It is a misalignment of the pelvis and doesn’t harm the baby in any way. However, it causes a lot of discomfort for me, I feel very stiff getting out of bed and walking upstairs is just intense. I see the midwife soon so I will be speaking to her about this.

Another thing I am getting suddenly and is intense is heartburn. I have had heartburn before of course, but nothing like this. It is so painful especially in the evening, it feels sharp and makes me feel sick and I get wound up because Gaviscon, even the more powerful one, doesn’t seem to help. I’ve tried antacids, milk, drinking more water, cutting out foods and nothing seems to help.

Also I am feeling sick very regularly again. Once the sickness in the first trimester and beginning of the second subsided I only rarely felt sick and threw up now and then. But now it is occurring regularly  throughout the day but I think this and the heartburn, and also the fact breathing is really tough must be due to a growth spurt inside me that is squashing my stomach and my lungs even more. Because I struggle to eat much, when I do it can leave me feeling sick or with heartburn. Oh it is all so fun! Alongside the headaches too I just hope he decided to come earlier rather than later, or maybe everything will feel a little better once he drops? Anyone?

He is very active still – silver lining! And has even starting to react to Stu’s voice and touch which is so cute. Stu talks to my stomach or taps it and he taps back! Plus there’s the tidal waves! The midwife said she thought he was in head down position the last time I saw her, but I think he has moved again!

Please leave comments if you feel similar symptoms or even rant! I love a good rant, let it all out!

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