So you’ll be happy to know there will be a lot less moaning in this update. Looking back I seem to have moaned a lot – it has been hard though, but this week I am feeling much better than last.


So if you didn’t read last weeks post (click here if you want to) then I did a lot of moaning. I had pelvic pain, awful heartburn, sickness, headaches – the lot! But this week it has all eased off. I still have the pelvic pain but it only hurts really bad when I am walking a lot. The midwife who I saw two days ago said that his head has gone right into the pelvis, which for me is great as it is a step closer to meeting him. Also with some of the movements I had been feeling I really thought he was still breaching. However, she said the pain is going to get worse! Can’t wait!

The heartburn has also eased A LOT! Thank goodness! I believe this is because he has dropped a bit, but the midwife also said the way he is positioned he is still putting strain on my lungs. But I can eat a lot more again! Hoooray! Just finding a position in which I can breathe fully is quite a task! But hey it’s fine. I still get the odd headache, stomach ache of course, but I do feel a lot happier and better. The days, even though I don’t get up to much, are lovely and are flying. I am feeling so lucky right now, I just can’t wait to be holding him.

How big is he?

I have just gone into week 37 and my app says he is the size of a honeydew melon! So at week 36 he was just a tad smaller than that! Midwife again said he was on course to be average size 🙂



Just what I’ve already mentioned, alongside fear! But I read a great blog post recently about how important it is to try to relax during labour. Although it will be hard for me, it is the best advice I have received and have asked the husband to keep reminding me of this. Stress can slow labour down, but being relaxed can help the body do what it needs to do and also ease some of the pain and hopefully stop me from losing control. But we will see how that goes on the day.

Next week I am in the final part of pregnancy! I think I will do an overview of the full pregnancy with the positives and negatives 🙂