It is surreal that I am at the stage where I can write my week 39 update. The end is near and I am scared but excited and really determined to get this moving. I am actually 39 weeks and 4 days as I write this, so I am so ready for labour to start and meet our little man.


The past few weeks have been good and bad. Since I started maternity leave quite early I have had a lot of free time. I have prepared the house, caught up with family and friends and spent Stu’s days off with him enjoying our last few weeks as just us two. But I am starting to feel fed up as I am now having long days with nothing really to do, I know I should enjoy the peace, but I can honestly say I am so ready to stop watching This Morning at 10.30 every day and start my new life with our little boy.

I am also finding myself in a lot of pain, I try to see it as one step closer, but the heaviness of the bump and the strain on my legs and pelvis can be intense sometimes. I am trying to rest up but I believe walking around getting some exercise is very important too.

Me and Stu have decided we need to stop saying “today or tomorrow is the day” but of course that is hard. I just feel we are jinxing it, everyday I am constantly waiting for that first contraction, or looking for every single tiny sign. The midwife at my growth scan (he was measuring small at my last midwife appointment but the scan states all is perfectly well) said the baby is ready it is just my body! So come on body, get moving! I don’t really believe that certain everyday things can induce labour but I have been trying some of the things anyway. Why not, eh? I have had pineapple, spicy food and even tried walking sideways upstairs.

Anyway I am getting the sweep next week at my next midwife appointment (40 weeks and 2 days) if he isn’t here by then. But fingers crossed he will be!

Thoughts about labour

Of course I am really scared, the thought of the unknown, how bad the pain can be etc etc but the way I am seeing it now is, no matter what I am going to go through it anyway, I’d rather get it over and done with now. I am ready, I really am! My friend at work also reminded me a few weeks ago that hundreds of women everyday do this, many for them go on to do it again and again, so I can do it too and it will be worth it! Me and Stu also went to an ante-natal class a while back and one of the tasks was to discuss our fears, and we all the had the same ones, our bodies are meant to do this, so let’s do this.

How big is he?

Well he is full size obviously, the app says a small pumpkin, eek that’s quite big right?! Although he is measuring small, my scan states (although they can’t tell until he is out, so it is a guess) he is 7 Ib 5.


Look back

This will definitely be the last post before he is born, so I thought I’d do a quick look back over my pregnancy.

Have I enjoyed being pregnant? not really, the period where the bump started appearing well, and the kicks started and I felt good in myself, the sickness had subsided and I could enjoy food again was pretty great. That only lasted a few weeks. The rest of the time I wasn’t feeling so great. However, the thought of being lucky enough to create and grow life inside me got me through it. I have moaned a lot in my blog posts, but there would be no new life if we didn’t go through this. It is hard to remember that when I have had my head in the toilet, bucket or near a pavement! or when the heartburn made me cry, or even when the pains where unbearable, but now I am near the end and he is nearly here, and how fast it goes, it’s all worth it. But, would I do it all again? I will let you know in a couple of years!

I am still unsure about blogging about life with a child once he is here, I will probably do a birth story one, as I love reading them. But I haven’t decided on how private I want to keep his life. However, I have really enjoyed putting my feelings and experiences out there for the very few of you out there who read me and I appreciate it very much.

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