It has been a mad but lovely three and a half weeks since my little man was born and he has really changed my life for the better, except for the lack of sleep!

When I was pregnant I loved reading birth stories of all types, so here is mine.

I have to admit I thought after having a pretty straight forward, low risk pregnancy that I’d have an easy labour, in the birthing pool like I hoped, but I was so wrong.

It was four days after my due date and I woke up at 3.30am feeling a trickle of water before I stood up out of bed and there was a gush that wouldn’t stop! I screamed, “Stu! My waters have broken” and he dived out of bed! They were green! Yes our little man had done his first poo inside of me. I couldn’t stop laughing at the feeling of the waters coming out of me, but I also couldn’t move as our cream carpet already had one main stain and I didn’t want to leave a trail. So I asked Stu to bring me a pad to catch the water until I got to the toilet. He brought me a breast pad at first haha! But I ended up filling four pads before getting to hospital who told us to come in straight away.

Very light contractions began in the car and started to intensify once I was strapped to the machine. I was then transferred to the delivery ward and my contractions started to intensify even more, but they were still manageable. I was put on a drip to help force contractions and that’s when they became more painful, so I tried gas and air which had no effect on me. It was more of a distraction than a pain relief so I decided on the injection. It was fine at first but the contractions became unbearable quickly. I don’t remember much of the time whilst on this drug, Stu said I was out of it, but I do remember the pain hitting me and that I couldn’t cope anymore, so I went for the epidural which was pretty great.

I was in labour in total 9 hours (well I say 16 from the waters to baby) and spent a lot of it asleep thanks to the epidural. I needed a top up after a while as the pain came back. Little mans heart kept dropping so I had to lay on one side so the epidural stopped working on one side.

Because I was half asleep most the day I couldn’t remember what time they told me I was 7cm but it was 6 hours after the drip was first put in. The next time they checked I was 10cm but I had no urge to push so they left it an hour. One thing that I really remember was being starving. I wasn’t aware that I couldn’t eat anything once I had an epidural I wish they told me that as I was dreaming of a toasties. Isotonic drinks kept me going.

Once it was time to push I still didn’t have the urgh but I pushed extremely hard. After some time of nothing happening the doctor came in and talked about my options which where ventouse or forceps. I didn’t want those obviously so I tried to push again but nothing was happening.

Before I knew it Stu was told to push the button on the wall and there were about eight people in the room watching me, my legs were covered in surgery covers and the doctor was putting the suction on his head and pulling and boy that was so painful! Everyone around me was shouting encouragement at me and I pushed harder than ever but still nothing. For me it was all a big excruciating painful blur but next came forceps and at some point he was pushed back and turned around as his shoulders were stuck and I was cut. I honestly didn’t even know when he was out till they showed me as I didn’t get that sense of relief and adrenaline rush people talk about.

The cord was cut immediately and he was rushed to be resuscitated, which was scary, but he was okay in the end. The doctor took my placenta out straight after, I don’t know how. I didn’t know anything that was happening again at that point Stu just said he was taking out the placenta. Then I needed to be stitched up which took about an hour the midwives doing it had a long discussion about which piece went where and actually said it was like a jigsaw puzzle! But assured me that it would end up looking as good as new!

A hat was put straight on him to hide the horrific mark on his head which luckily has healed perfectly, you wouldn’t even know it was there now. But seeing that his skin had literally been ripped off was awful to see! He was took away while we rested and we woke at 2am and Stu went looking for someone to bring him back. It was all worth it seeing him.

I spent two nights in hospital and was given a private room because of what had happened and Stu was allowed to stay over. Even though I was in a lot of pain I just wanted to go home by the time Sunday came. It has taken three weeks to feel like I am starting to heal nicely although it will be a while before it is perfect I feel lucky that it hasn’t taken too long. I did get an infection and am taking tablets for it but they have certainly helped.

Being a parent is certainly life-changing but I feel so lucky and I am so happy. My husband Stu is wonderful, he has looked after me and Jacob so much. He is proud and he loves telling all our visitors stories about Jacob and the labour. It was all worth it. 100%.

Just want to say a quick thanks to everyone at NHS who have helped. The doctors and midwives who helped throughout the labour where amazing. The staff who helped me whilst in hospital and the midwives, breastfeeding nurses and health visitors who have looked after us after the birth have been lifesavers and still are.

Jacob when he was first born
Jacob now at 3 weeks