There is no doubt that being a new parent is hard, but there are a few things that can make it a little easier. I have put together a list of items that I have found useful over the first 6 months of my sons life. I hope any new mum’s also find this useful.


This was the first item we actually bought when we found out I was pregnant and it was a sound investment. As the name suggests it was designed for dogs, but with babies in mind too. It is basically a child monitor with a webcam so you can watch your baby sleeping on your phone, using the app. It was really scary putting Jacob up to bed alone for the first time. He was still in our room, but it gave him some peace from around 7pm until we came to bed between 9-10pm. But we felt at ease knowing we could watch him, with or without sound, and run up whenever he cried.  It only costs £24.99 from Amazon, so it is great value too.


I have mixed thoughts about this product. It was great for baby led weaning, which is something we have dabbed in whilst weaning him. We started with strawberry and Jacob absolutely loved it! It is designed to put food in and your baby can suck on it and taste the flavour through the net. The handle is great for them to hold, although I did most the holding at first. He hated it when the experience ended. However, the problems came when washing. It took ages to get the little strawberry seeds out of the lining. I soaked it, washed it in warm soapy water several times and soaked it some more. Eventually I got it out. But in total we only got three uses out of it before it became too dirty to use again. Replacements are available to buy, but I didn’t get enough use the first time to want to go back again. Find them here.

Jacob enjoying strawberry


Scratchsleeves were a life saver for Jacobs bad eczema. Nothing would stop him scratching his face in the night, catching his skin and irritating any skin that was already weeping and normal gloves were just too rough. He hasn’t slept through yet, but it has helped him sleep better, and his face is looking better than ever. His weeping skin was able to heal as he wasn’t able to irritate it. The mitts are made from silk, so are delicate on the skin. They are designed like a cardigan which makes them easy to get on and can’t be easily removed by baby, but they don’t restrict movement. You can find them here.

Testing out his Scratchsleeves


Blankets just did not work for us, once he was able to move a bit more, he was wriggling all over and kicking the covers off, no matter how tight. Sleeping bags are basically covers that you pop your baby into, and it still gives them plenty of room to move about and not get cold, or kick covers onto their face, which was a big fear of mine. They come in a range of designs and togs. We use 1 tog and layered up underneath if needed too, and our rooms are quite warm anyway, which 1 tog is suitable for. Also great for feeding as they don’t need to be taken from underneath comfy covers. They are available from Mothercare for around £18.00.

Sleeping bag comfort


For Jacobs eczema we tried loads of creams from the doctors and none of them worked, some made it worse. One brought him out in bright red hives, causing him to scream in pain. We felt lost. Avenno was pretty good, but didn’t stop the itch and at £8-9 a time, it wasn’t worth it. We discovered Childs Farm in Boots for a reasonable price of £3.99 and after using it for a few weeks we found it the best so far. It is made with Shea and Cocoa Butter and is paraben free. You wouldn’t even know he has eczema looking at him, thanks to that cream, alongside cutting out dairy, soya and egg. They also do sun-cream, bath products and shampoo.


Not an item, but defiantly something I would recommend by a mile. It may not work for all babies, but this YouTube video here saved our lives at times. We only use it when we desperate, as we don’t want to just use the TV all the time as a distraction, but in the car when he is going crazy and we can’t do much to settle him, the video is fab. If I need just 10 minutes to knock up some food or do a few things around the house, and we all need that, it keeps his distracted. It isn’t just a cartoon, but it has loads of bright colours and songs to help stimulate him.


If you have any products or tips to add, please do.