You’d think we have enough pizza chains as it is. Just head down to the Metrocentre and you won’t have to walk far to find one. There’s Pizza Hut of course and Pizza Express. There’s also Zizzi’s, Frankie and Benny’s, Ask and Bella Italia. Now Mod joins the gang.

I hadn’t heard of Mod before, but was excited to try this one. The way it works, is you pay one set price £7.47 (or £4.47 for a child’s one) no matter how many toppings you choose. And, yeah, it’s pretty damn good.


It was founded in 2008 in Seattle by Scott and Ally Svenson. They wanted a place for families to go for affordable, but good authentic pizza. Now they are tackling UK, I think they will do well.

So how does it work? It is a bit like Subway, all the toppings are laid out in front of you on the counter, although you can sit and browse the menu first. They have some suggestions such as the Mad Dog, which includes pepperoni, sausage and ground beef or the Caspian which is topped with mozzarella, blue cheese, grilled chicken, barbecue sauce and red onions. The bottom of the menu includes the full list of toppings, and yes you can have them all. And best of all, you can get vegan cheese and gluten free (also dairy egg and soya free) bases. Hurray!


I didn’t go that crazy, I wanted to enjoy the pizza! I got the MOD red sauce, garlic, rosemary, chicken, spicy sausage, pepperoni, rocket, jalapenos, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes with a pesto drizzle.

I choose correctly. The base was thin and crispy, different to other pizza bases I’ve tried before, but it worked well and held the toppings without any flop. The sauce was tasty and, the toppings were plentiful. The spicy sausage stood out, and the pesto drizzle was a good addition and the scattering of peppery rocket just made it.  For almost £8, I can’t complain at all.


The other half also had red sauce and mozzarella cheese, bacon, beef, anchovies, rocket, olives, sun-dried tomatoes with a garlic dip on the side. Just how he liked it.


Beverages where flavoured lemonades that looked tempting sloshing around their dispensers. I had strawberry, he had raspberry; both refreshing and delicious but sickly as we reached the bottoms, They were bottomless drinks, but couldn’t finish the first never mind a second, but it’s a drink that works well here.


Also on the menu there’s Pizza Salad; a create your own style salad on a warm pizza base. Pudding choice is cinnamon strips to dip in chocolate.

They also do delivery at some of the locations, collection only at the Metrocentre though.

It is great to know I can get a decent pizza on my next visit to the Metrocentre, it is worth a visit if you’re heading there.