I’ve not really done many updates since Jacob was born. My excuse is that I’ve not had the time or I’ve not really felt ready till now. He is 8 months and he is a fantastic little guy with his own personality, I can’t believe how much he has grown.

So at his last weigh-in he was 8 months and 1 week old and weighed 17Ib 12 which is fantastic. He still looks tiny, but lift him up and you wouldn’t say that. The HV says he is now on “track” which is good as he wasn’t great at gaining weight for a long time. The HV thinks he is fantastic in all ways and can’t believe the changes in him.


So I am no longer breastfeeding and it was tough giving up, really tough. I felt guilty as I still hear breast is best in my head, and of course I still sort of believe that, but it was causing me so much pain, it was making me feel low towards the end, I was enjoying the bond but I was starting to hate the experience . I was losing weight and energy cutting out foods and worrying about everything I ate with anxiety and not sleeping well at all. As well as constantly worrying about slipping up with his allergies. I spoke to the HV who was so encouraging and made me feel less guilty so I slowly weaned him off. He is happier than I’ve ever known being on Neocate. It has been a good decision for our family. And he didn’t seem bothered about losing the breast at all. I was more upset than him!


Jacob’s appetite is fantastic! He loves food and he eats loads. His favourite foods are peas and blueberries but adores the melty puffs from Ella’s Kitchen and Little Angels at Asda. We’ve done a mix of puree with some baby led weaning and it is going so well.

For breakfast he will have either toast fingers, banana or other fruits, Cheerios, beans and he adores the free from pancakes I made for him.

Dinner and tea are a mix of pouches if we’re out or busy, food we’ve had minus the salt, blended, vegetables cooked till soft or cucumbers as finger food or chicken breast strips.




He can sit up perfectly well, although he loves to fall forwards and sort of flip onto his front. His legs are strong enough to stand on when held and he can crawl backwards. He hardly ever rolls over but he has never been interested in doing so, but does now sleep on his side.



Speaking of sleep, he is finally sleeping through. It just happened, no tricks, he just did it once he was ready and has done it ever since he shocked us a couple of weeks ago. Downside, he wakes up between 4.45-5.30am but hey, we can’t have everything. We just try to head to bed about 9pm!



So, I’m back at work, just part time for now. I was so nervous about going back and leaving him, like most mums are. But it has actually turned out okay, he gets to see his grandparents even more now although he sometimes cries at first, I love that he sees them often. Everything at work just clicked back into place, and it’s nice to have that ‘me’ time even if it is serving customers coffee all day! I get to talk to adults! But I do miss him all the time!


I got some much great response from my blog post about post natal depression, so I thought I’d do a quick update. I am still feeling down a lot, but as Jacob feels better I feel a bit better too, like I can handle it more. But I still have those days, where I simply cannot handle it all and I just need to break down. I do feel like I am on the right path, and being back to work has helped that, but I still feel I have a way to go. Thanks everyone for your kind words, and please if you’re suffering too, speak out to anyone you can. Health visitors are great to talk to, or see your GP. Try talk to friends, or write your feelings down. It does help relive some of the pain.

Let me know all about your little one’s updates. I would love to know!