I wasn’t planning on blogging about my dinner last Saturday afternoon, but then I didn’t think we’d end up eating some really tasty Turkish food either.

Fez Food in Grainger Market promises fresh, authentic Turkish food and it really is the proper stuff.

The tables are lined with fab cloths in bright colours and Turkish patterns. Which continued on to the chairs, and then follows through to the decor inside. Turkish evil eye charms hang all over the place, bringing a welcoming touch of blue. And to really get into the experience they have Fez hats for sale.

The menu offers wraps (£3.50+) filled with a selection of meats salad and sauce, whilst the portion plates offers the same meats but laid out on a plate with freshly made flatbread and four mezze. We chose the latter, meatballs for me and chicken shish for the other half, £6 each.

The meatballs, flat rather than round, were meaty with a tasty touch of herbs, and there was plenty of them. The sausage that came alongside had a nice kick.

There was also a sauce on the plate, it looked similar to cheese, but packed loads of creamy flavour with a good hint of garlic. Delicious with the bread.

The mezze also included a tomato and onion salad, seasoned nicely. Rice, that tasted exactly like it did in Turkey. Cous cous that had a herby and fresh flavour. Fried mushrooms and onions and a dip made with aubergines and other vegetables that was pleasant. The flatbreads were gorgeous and fluffy.


Alongside our food, Stu bought a coffee, served on a beautiful small silver tray, which was strong in flavour. Very different to any coffee he has had before, worth a go if you get a chance. It was served with a little bit of sweet and sticky Turkish Delight on the side.


Eating here brought me back to my time in Turkey a number of years back. The food in Turkey was a new experience, and the flavours took me back for a few minutes, even amongst the hustle and bustle of Newcastle’s famous market it is easy to forget what is going on around you.

The experience could even be heightened by sampling some of their fruity teas, or a sweet and sticky piece of baklava. They also do breakfast and vegan options.

They also work with Deliveroo. More info on everything Fez Food can be found here: www.fezturkishfood.co.uk