Breakfast usually consists of Cheerios, toast or fruit and yogurt (and picking most of Jacob’s food up off the floor!) So when we do go out for breakfast I get a little excited, even more excited when it’s baby free!

It was actually completely baby free the day before as we ventured a huge seven miles to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. It was the first full night away from Jacob, and I wanted to stay close.

Anyway, after a day of pampering and a fairly decent sleep, we went out into the beautiful city of Durham in search for breakfast.

That’s when we came across Bill’s, a cafe located on Saddler street.

I had never heard of Bill’s before, but turns out they’re all over the country. It started out as a tiny grocery shop in East Sussex, which eventually opened up on the high street, but sadly a flood ruined the shop, so they had to start again. But this time added a cafe and since then has grown into something pretty massive.

When we arrived we were welcomed and shown to a booth made of wood lit up by a huge lamp shade.

I like the decor here. It’s stripped back with a shabby chic feel. There’s loads of light and big metal pipes run across the ceilings. The wood that adorns up a lot of the room gives a warm vibe.

So breakfast, the reason we were there. The menu had all the typical breakfast treats. A fried breakfast with a vegetarian option alongside it. Pancakes, and eggs cooked different ways. They also have something different such as baked spicy beans, chorizo and eggs which caught my eye and a breakfast basket which consists of different types of breads and spreads. But I went for the pancakes, a stack of three (can also get five) with bacon and syrup.


Stu went for scrambled eggs on toast with streaky bacon.
Before food I started to work my way through my pot of tea, enough to feed two maybe even three, and it was a good tasting tea! Stu had a latte which was delicious.
Food came, it looked great. My pancakes were cooked wonderfully. A lovely colour and very fluffy, soft and light!  They were pretty much perfect. The crispy bacon wasn’t too salty, but just enough to work with the sweet syrup. There was also a big knob of butter on the side too. But I didn’t need that, it made it too greasy!
On his plate the eggs were cooked well, a pinch of extra salt and they tasted pretty good too. The lack of seasoning was the only downside. The toast was good and the bacon, like on my pancakes, was cooked very well.

Overall a successful set up for the day.

Bill’s also sell a lot of their own products available to buy in their restaraunt’s and online. They have things such as homemade jams, teas and chocolates.

In total our bill was £20.00. To find out more, including all their allergen info, visit their website here.