So my little one is a little over ten months now, which means he is nearly one right?! I mean we all say it, but where has the time gone!? There isn’t huge changes in him since eight months, and to be honest I thought at this point I’d be saying oh he’s doing this, and he is almost that, but he is growing at his own pace and the health visitor says he is fantastic (and yummy of course)!



So he still loves food, but also knows when he doesn’t like something; straight on the floor if you know what I mean? But he has a massive appetite which grows stronger and stronger throughout the day. He will have his first bottle when he wakes anywhere between 4.30 and 6am. 5am is the norm. Then he has a small breakfast as he doesn’t eat much in the mornings. So Cheerios, toast, strawberries (his fave) oranges, grapes. If mammy and daddy are having a cooked breakfast he will have a bit of that too. He will then have a snack, maybe more fruit or the veggie sticks/fruit puffs snacks. At lunch he will happily demolish a jar or a small meal I’ve made and eat more, so fruit, tomatoes, snacky items. Same again at tea time. With a bottle in between and one at bedtime. He also has a sippy cup filled with water with him throughout the day.



We are getting on great with the allergies. We started the milk ladder and he start with a malted milk biscuit and showed no symptoms all day. Then he was violently sick everywhere that night, and we thought right, that’s it he can’t have anymore. But then we all became ill, it was a tough couple of days, for the whole family, grandparents included! But at least it wasn’t a reaction. Couple of weeks later we started again, and now we are ready to start step three!



He still isn’t crawling properly, he can do one step or can shuffle along the floor, but he is constantly moaning as he is frustrated that he can’t get anywhere. He also has a walker and can move a bit in that too, he legs are strong and can stand well when being held. He is also eager to climb but hasn’t mastered that yet.


It feels like he has been teething forever, but still no teeth, they are clearly trying and really irritating him, but nothing yet! I reckon they’ll all pop put at once!


He is still sleeping through, but up at 4.30-6am. Okay, 6am is rare like I don’t even think I can say 6am at the moment, it’s a killer and I feel more tired than ever! Not sure, why! Something to look into to. With naps he is finally taking his morning nap in his cot, only started this week, since then come wind or rain we took him out for a walk to get him to sleep. His afternoon nap. if he takes one, is either when we are out or about, in the car or on me. Which I rather like 🙂



I am still finding everything really hard, and having some terribly bad moments and days where I just cry and breakdown over daft things. I have been seeing a councillor and it hasn’t helped, other than deciding I can’t keep giving and giving without putting in, so some me time is on the cards. Still waiting though! It is tough. I am going to have to look at a different step to help me relax more, stop stressing and worrying all the time and reduce my anxiety and depression. Because really I am so lucky to have what I have!

Any questions about routines, PND or babies in general please comment below or share your stories I’d love to hear them!